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Swedish Car Parts Heater Core Review

MVS contributor BEJinFbk reviews the Swedish Cart Parts Heater Core he installed in his 1998 V70 R a week ago.


MVS contributor BEJinFbk reviews the Swedish Car Parts Heater Core he installed in his 1998 V70 R a week ago:

Just a few notes on replacing the heater core in my ’98. I’ve been smelling syrup for a month or so, and based on the posts out there, I thought I’d give the Swedish Car Parts core a go. Their revision of the tank crimping looks very good.

Pretty straight forward, although SC-900/901 owners with Dolby Surround or anyone with an amp mounted behind the radio will have the extra step of removing it. The heater core “bucket” needs the room back there to get in and out. No biggie.

Swedish Car Parts does cut a few corners, though… The foam strip around the core that comes installed on the unit, is only about half the thickness of the original foam from Volvo. It can’t possibly provide the same degree of seal. The good news is that it’s easily replaced with thicker foam. Problem Solved

There’s also a little more of a gap than I’d like between the fins and the tank. More air bypass, but again, the price is right. I used a little high heat silicone to seal it up – More BTUs!

The real downer is the core’s thickness. The original Volvo heater core is nearly 2 inches thick at 1-7/8″. I was disappointed to see that the Estonian version from Swedish Car Parts came in at only 1-1/2″.

That may not mean a lot to you folks in Florida, but winter is coming to Fairbanks and around here, I want all the heat that I can get.

For most owners, this core should be fine for lower 48 winters, but I really wish that the vendor would advertise the difference. Or even better, offer a thicker OEM sized core at a higher price. I would have GLADLY paid a premium for a higher output unit.

Just my POV – Stay Warm out there!

98 V70R – Swedish Car Parts Heater Core Report

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