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Replace the connectors on the CVVT

connectors on the CVVT

Here’s a great write-up by (now) MVS Contributor v-45magna on how to replace the connectors on the CVVT when there doesn’t seem to be any other option!

If you are replacing your CVVT solenoid and the plug is different than your previous one and you are looking for a way to make it work, here it is- ingenious way to get things done so you don’t have to buy the whole CVVT kit from Volvo which includes the connector but also includes the high price tag!

So you’re replacing your old style CVVT solenoid with the newer (cleanable) style but it has a smaller plug that faces 180 degrees from the stock connector. If you don’t spring for the new part at Volvo (which comes with the small plug, pins & wires) you’ll need to find a way to connect it. I found a few posts where people were looking for the connector separate from a new part. The new style connector is really pretty hard to find. Some guys have just soldered wires to the connector pins on the solenoid and filled it with silicone. I wanted a weatherproof connector that I could put on and forget about.

Well I finally figured out what parts I could use by measuring and then eventually visually identified it on various websites.

In my junk box, I found the old coolant level sensor plug and wires. After a quick check it turns out that it plugs right into the old style (straight) CVVT plug, locking in and sealing perfectly. Yes, I could have cut the factory harness and replaced just the pigtail like you get with the new part but I wanted to be able to unplug mine and replace it with either type if I needed to. So I made a short conversion harness out of the old Coolant Level Sensor pigtail and built a new connector from parts bought at Mouser Electronics. The parts list and links are below…

This Volvo forum topic pairs nicely with this downloadable CVVT hub PDF and this Volvo Repair Database CVVT post.

P1332 & P0013? Replace the connectors on the CVVT

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