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Should You Replace Shocks with Nivomat?

Nivomat labels 2000 V70R

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nivos – In general, any way… … omat.shtml


  • Safe handling thanks to constant vehicle height for all load conditions
  • Constant axle height makes driving on bumpy surfaces safer
  • Responsiveness does not become fuzzy under high axle loads
  • Less driver fatigue
  • Less wear on tires and axle
  • Lower fuel consumption due to better aerodynamics
  • No additional on-board electronics; eliminates possibility of system failures
  • No additional energy required for pump operations
  • No additional CO? emissions

This topic pairs well with the MVS What Are Nivomats? page.

MVS Member Elisha, to start the topic: “My question, to anyone that may know, is why wouldn’t the standard shocks fit onto my car? The only thing I can think of is that the car had been modified to fit a higher performing shock in a way that can’t be reversed or in a way the mechanic doesn’t understand. I’ll appreciate any help and try to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge/ability.”

MVS Member Elisha, ending the topic: “I ended up getting Volvo Nivomat shocks for the rear suspension. They were a little spendy at $193.44 each. They feel really good and ride a little stiff which I like because I can feel the road. I haven’t tested them with a heavy load yet. I just moved a few months ago so I may not get to for a while. After I get some new front strut mounts my suspension will be solid. With the new front shocks, I can cringe less when going over bumps but the rebound knocking with my current strut mounts makes me uneasy.”


MVS Contributor BEJinFbk: “And I strongly back the concept of a second or third opinion, keeping in mind – If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Unmountable Shocks

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