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Speakers: Aftermarket, Ohms, Resistors, and More

Let’s talk Speakers – from Aftermarket to resistors and beyond

Volvo speakers

Door speakers, dash speakers, new replacement Polk/Infinity/Pioneer speakers, plus Volvo OEM amps and 20-watt 8-ohm resistors… Is your head spinning yet?

Making sense of how to upgrade or replace bad speakers.

New speakers

What are you a fan of? Aftermarket?

Bonus! Volvo Facts

Volvo makes the earth move – literally 

  • To be certain of the strength of its vehicles, Volvo has a highly unusual piece of machinery in its Gothenburg test lab. Originally intended to assess how buildings withstand earthquakes, Volvo has modified it to crash test cars. 

    The company carries out 450 full-scale tests per year, taking up to 10 days to prepare for a full test. Cameras then record 1,000 frames per second and the crash test barrier weighs 800 tonnes. That’s how the company secures its reputation for building the world’s safest vehicles, inspiring confidence among motorists across the globe. 

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The stock head units aren’t all that good to start with and have that pesky ESN on them. Why they did that is beyond me. My advice…. aftermarket head units are far superior in quality and FAR cheaper. Best of all, any aftermarket speaker you use will work without any issues.

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