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Damaged Threads of Oil Drain Plug

Issues with your Oil Drain Plug?

damaged oil plug threads1. Is 22ft-lbs tight enough to let it slide for awhile (monitoring for the oil leaks, of course)?

2. Is this a fix you would trust to a machine shop?

3. Find a used oil pan? Just how difficult is it for a reasonably intelligent, reasonably skilled person to replace the oil pan while working from under jack stands?

Damaged Threads of Oil Drain Plug

Bonus! Volvo Facts

For Volvo, comfort is a priority 

  • As well as safety, Volvo is renowned for the comfort of its vehicles. It’s all part of the company’s “cool outside, warm inside” design philosophy, which ensures the clean exterior lines of its cars are complemented by luxurious interiors, in which it is a pleasure to spend time. Volvo even worked with orthopaedic surgeons in the 1960s on its seat design. 

    Just ask the people of Kilcullen, in Ireland, whose Town Hall Theatre is fitted out with seats from the S80 luxury saloon. This is thanks to the efforts of local Volvo dealer Pat Dunlea, who saw the seats being used in a theatre at the S80’s launch in Gothenburg, and asked the company to donate them to his local theatre after the event. Volvo readily agreed – ensuring Kilcullen’s residents enjoy their drama from a uniquely comfy vantage point. 

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