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Replace Control Arm Bushings

1992 740 Suspension Parts Numbers

Andy Berry » I need to replace the control arm bushings. I asked a guy for an estimate and he said ‘upper? lower? inner? outer? front or rear?’ really… I wont be going back to that guy but I need to know what to tell the mechanic I use. What exactly do i need to ask for, for a 1992 740 wagon?

billofdurham » He was covering all of the bases and some that didn’t need covering. The control arms are part of the steering/suspension and each control arm, one right and one left has two bushings which could be called inner and outer. I would replace both at the same time. There is also a control arm stay which has one bushing and this should be checked and replaced if necessary. The attached from VADIS shows the bushings, parts 8, 10 & 11, on the front. They are the same on the other side.

pdf - Replace Control Arm Bushings740 front axle spring support.pdf (146.22 KiB) The rear suspension does not have control arms. It has support arms and torque rods which do have bushings. If you have been told you need control arm bushings it is the front.

Volvo 960 Suspension Parts Numbers

  • Control Arm – Front driver side lower: Volvo 274451
  • Control Arm – Front passenger side lower: Volvo 274452

Bushings are available individually:

  • Control Arm Bushing – front (rear): 9191537
  • Control Arm Bushing – front (forward): (Lemforder) Volvo OE number: 6819537

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