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Speed Restoring a 1998 XC70 in One Week

One Week Speed Restoring

Restoring: '98 XC70 in One Week

MVS Contributor and #1 Volvo ABS module rebuilder Matty Moo plans to restore this XC70 in one week. Man vs. Car.

The bad:

  • steering
  • suspension
  • misfiring
  • no speedo
  • blown IC hoses
  • ABS module shot
  • distributor cap, wires and plugs
  • brake pads and rotors

I picked this up a few weeks back from auction. 1998 XC wagon. 170k, clapped out steering and suspension, nice body, misfiring all over, no speedo, blown IC hoses, Has heated back seats and oak interior that is 7/10. Good tires with even tread. Underbody is coated with oil from a loose oil drain plug with no crush washer.

This is for a friend that needs a car. I have one week to do it.

Immediately changed the oil and flushed the trans and ps fluid. Distributor cap, wires and plugs all need replaced, entire front end needs replaced also. All the brake pads are hosed, so they’ll be replaced as will the rotors if they can’t be turned.

Matty’s 1998 v70xc one week project car

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