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Volvo 850 S2 Transmission Shift Solenoid Replacement w/Pics

Additionally, after the cover is removed and cleaned of the old gasket sealant, you still have to get the cover with the new sealant applied back on straight the FIRST time and get your bolts back in. While all this is happening no matter how well you clean off the valve body under the cover, it will keep dripping right onto the area that you want dry for the new sealant, so seconds count.

MVS logo - fist holding a wrench

Fuel Filter Replacement DIY

This is a short DIY write up for the removal of a fuel filter on an 850. This is a very easy procedure, just remember to be safe — safety goggles, no open flame [despite the photo to the right], rags to clean up spilled fuel.

The OEM filter is a Bosch unit and I highly recommend getting a new Bosch replacement as opposed to an aftermarket unit. The change interval was 60K miles and is now 100K miles. My car has 120K so I decided to change mine.

This is a very short fix; 15- 20 mins max.