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Fuel Filter Replacement DIY

Let’s talk Fuel Filter Replacement

Vovlo 850 fuel filter location

This is a short DIY write up for the removal of a fuel filter on an 850. This is a very easy procedure, just remember to be safe — safety goggles, no open flame [despite the photo to the right], rags to clean up spilled fuel.

The OEM filter is a Bosch unit and I highly recommend getting a new Bosch replacement as opposed to an aftermarket unit. The change interval was 60K miles and is now 100K miles. My car has 120K so I decided to change mine.

This is a very short fix; 15- 20 mins max.

Tools required:

  • 12mm Socket
  • Socket Wrench
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • New Filter


  1. Start by blocking the front wheels, e-brake on, and jack up the rear passenger side of the car.
  2. With the ignition off, slide underneath the passenger side just in front of the rear wheel and look up to locate the filter.
  3. Undo the 12mm bolt.
  4. Pull one of the fuel lines off of the old filter. Your new filter should come with plastic end caps. Have one of these ready to place on the old filter as you pull out the fuel line. Pull in the direction of the arrow.
  5. Now pull out the other fuel line. It doesn’t matter which line you pull first. Have a towel ready as a tiny bit of petrol will leak out and drip onto you. Pull in the direction of the arrow.
  6. With the old filter plugged, remove it from the bracket, insert the new filter, making sure to orient the arrows with the flow of fuel, reconnect the 2 lines, and tighten the 12mm bolt down.

Fuel Filter - sometimes the quick release won't release, so I use a ball joint seperatorSometimes the quick release won’t release, so I use a ball joint seperator.
Fuel Filter

Fuel Filter Replacement DIY

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susan brinkley says:

Thank you iam learning so much from u. Have a 1998 that I have had not much teaching on how to care for it. It’s been a pain but we love old bee. My grand kids love her so we keep holding o. To her. she has lots of work, I hope this grandma can do it. She is all we have. Donation was good it’s just she was not taken care of and I have a son who isn’t well with cancer me and the kids need this car so we hope that I can get information on how to care for her. Thank u for the fuel filter was a big help. Keep up the good works.

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