LED Headlight Bulb Upgrade DIY

LED Bulbs are The Newest, Latest Headlight Technology A LED headlight bulb upgrade is the newest, highest-tech way to get better light from a Volvo’s headlights. And under $100, a cheap way also. (The lowest tech way is cleaning or buying new headlight reflectors.) Volvo DIY guru Robert Spinner shows us how to do this […]

Improve Volvo Headlights

Justin on how to improve Volvo headlights: Better bulbs – I use Silverstars and am quite happy with them, but others will say they’re useless gimmicky crap. Whatever; I can see the difference and they light up the road in front of me pretty well. There are other good alternatives as well. I would recommend NOT […]

Aftermarket HID Bulbs Produce Glare

Headlight glare: HID bulb vs halogen bulb

So I put in one HID bulb and left in a stock halogen bulb. I walked down the road and got a subjective sense of comparative glare, and I also videotaped the beams on a wall. My conclusion is that the HID produces far, far more glare. I did not do any test to determine […]

Headlight Projectors – A Substitute for HID?

We’ve covered here in the MVS Volvo Forum many posts about improving Volvo headlights and illumination: headlight bulbs, replacing dull headlight reflectors, installing HID kits, corner light cosmetic mods, side marker lights, even fog light troubleshooting. Among these, the most important for the average driver however is simply more light on the road during night driving. Simply […]