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Aftermarket HID Bulbs Produce Glare

Glare Problems With Your Aftermarket HID Bulbs?

So I put in one HID bulb and left in a stock halogen bulb. I walked down the road and got a subjective sense of comparative glare, and I also videotaped the beams on a wall. My conclusion is that the Aftermarket HID bulbs produces far, far more glare. I did not do any test to determine whether the HID helped or hindered my vision down the road. The glare was a deal breaker.

Headlight glare: HID bulb vs halogen bulb Aftermarket HID Bulbs
photo and text courtesy MVS user whoa

HID headlight conversion experience

 zhenya wrote:

“I’d suggest you go back to your stock lenses, as the e-code lens, while it physically fits, is meant to pair with the e-code reflector which is different than your US-spec (I assume you are in the US) one. You probably feel like you saw a difference, because the e-code cut-off is much sharper, and the new lens was also clean and not pitted, so it is clearer, but it’s really not designed to be mixed and matched like this. Also, assuming you bought the aftermarket lenses, the beam pattern is a poor replica of the Hella originals, with the flutes being much less sharply defined on the aftermarket copy.

Since I’ve been asked about this before, here’s some pictures illustrating the difference (keep in mind it’s difficult to photograph reflectors, so the pics aren’t great – e-codes are mine – I’ll get proper pictures someday when I pull my existing US lights off, as I own US spec lights, genuine e-codes, and replica e-code lenses).”

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