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850, S70, V70, V70XC Front/Rear Motor Mounts Tutorial

Front/Rear Motor Mount Replacement – 2WD Turbo Models (mine was a 1998 S70 GLT)

  1. Remove radiator Fan. Remove 15mm/13mm top strut mount bolt/nut.
  2. Remove 15mm top front motor mount nut.
  3. Raise and support vehicle on jack stands.
  4. Remove passenger front tire and bend back splash shield.
  5. Support engine with a floor jack using a 2×4 across front of oil pan to distribute weight.
  6. Remove both 14mm bolts attaching right front motor mount to engine.
  7. Remove 14mm lower front motor mount bolt.
  8. Raise front of engine and remove old/install new motor mount. Lower engine onto new mount.
  9. Install but do not tighten 15mm nut and 14mm bolt on motor mount.