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850, S70, V70, V70XC Front/Rear Motor Mounts Tutorial

Check out this Motor Mounts Tutorial


As the title says, front and rear motor mount removal and installation… this would be for 850’s and probably first generation 70 series Volvo’s.

Front/Rear Motor Mount Replacement – 2WD Turbo Models (mine was a 1998 S70 GLT)

  1. Remove radiator Fan. Remove 15mm/13mm top strut mount bolt/nut.
  2. Remove 15mm top front motor mount nut.
  3. Raise and support vehicle on jack stands.
  4. Remove passenger front tire and bend back splash shield.
  5. Support engine with a floor jack using a 2×4 across front of oil pan to distribute weight.
  6. Remove both 14mm bolts attaching right front motor mount to engine.
  7. Remove 14mm lower front motor mount bolt.
  8. Raise front of engine and remove old/install new motor mount. Lower engine onto new mount.
  9. Install but do not tighten 15mm nut and 14mm bolt on motor mount.
  10. Install one of the 14mm right front motor mount bolts.
  11. Lower engine and reposition jack with wood under transmission/bellhousing.
  12. Support engine again and remove 14mm right front motor mount bolt again.
  13. Remove 14mm lower rear motor mount bolt (use a wobble headed extension and put it through between the line and the sub-frame).
  14. Using a stubby 15mm wrench, place it on the top nut and use a long wrench (such as a 24mm) and put the box end of the large wrench in the open end of the stubby and pull to loosen the nut – remove the nut.
  15. Jack the engine up as far as it will go and replace the mount (if you can). If you can’t (as I couldn’t), go to next step.
  16. Remove the lower 14mm motor mount bracket bolt (the one that also attaches the metal heat shield to the mount and bracket).
  17. Rotate the bracket out of the way to access the lower 14mm bracket bolt, remove that bolt and the 14mm upper bracket bolt. You will have removed 3 14mm bolts to remove the bracket and heat shield.
  18. Remove the bracket, and motor mount together but the heat shield has a harness attached to it that the clips will need to be disconnected before removing.
  19. Remove the heat shield.
  20. When installing the mount, slightly install the nut on the mount with the heat shield and bracket together and install it in the vehicle.
  21. Rotate the shield out of the way again to install the 2 14mm bolts.
  22. Attach the harness clips to the shield and rotate the shield to install position.
  23. Install the 14mm bolt for the shield and bracket.
  24. Lower the engine but not enough to put a load on the mount and install the 14mm lower motor mount bolt.
  25. Install the right front motor mount 14mm bolts and tighten. Lower the engine all the way.
  26. Tighten the rear mount 15mm top nut using the large wrench method to “push” the stubby wrench. Tighten the lower 14mm bolt.
  27. Tighten the front mount 14mm bolt and 15mm nut.
  28. Install the radiator fan and components (make sure the hose clamp for the intercooler hose is on top or the relay bracket will be a PITA to install.
  29. Hope that no new lights come on!

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