Help a Moderator – Happening Now!

The MVS Moderator crew help other Volvo owners because they love to help, not because they get paid. They are volunteers. These guys are regular people with regular jobs, and trust me when I say if you have $10 or $20 or more to donate to them, it’s genuinely appreciated. Donate here. I’ll be keeping […]

Catching Up with MVS

What’s going on around here? Lots! We’re busy around here, helping Volvo owners and getting help. Here’s the latest. Moderator Drive is Complete — $911.50 raised for the MVS Moderators  in the Spring 2017 moderator donation drive. Thanks to all donors! Donors: if your account didn’t get upgraded to MVS Contributor level, contact me and I’ll […]

Moderator Donation Drive – One Day Left – $630 Donated!

Thanks to everybody who donated to our moderators (abscate,  cuhfs, jblackburn, JDS60R, MadeInJapan, Ozark Lee, Roger_850T, songzunhuang). These guys are volunteers, and they help because they love helping. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Donate here Personal checks are ok… send me an email (Contact page) and I’ll get you my address. This is a reminder […]

Fall MVS Moderator Donation Drive on Now

Ever gotten advice from one of the moderators here? Have any of their 50k+ posts helped you? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might want to donate. To act on this limited-time offer, simply go to the donation page and give back to them. Don’t like PayPal? Send me a check. […]

Thank You

How to say thanks to the Volvo Forum moderators

You, the Volvo Forum reader I haven’t said this lately, so here it is. Thanks for being here. Without you — the reader — it would be me screwing around with HTML and our MVS Moderation Team saying “hi” to each other every few days. And we’d be very bored. But we’re not bored because […]

September is MVS Moderator Month

Because I’m so organized, I forgot that AUGUST is traditionally MVS Moderator Month. So here we are at the end of August and it occurs to me that the gentlemen who keep this place running have been forgotten. Mea culpa, team. So September will be MVSMM. See this MVS Volvo Forum post for more.