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Android Torque app and ELM327 Bluetooth

Almost all commonly available ELM327 bluetooth adapters use a Chinese clone of the ELM327 chip. The initial offering of the ELM327 from Elm was not protected; it’s firmware could be easily downloaded, so knockoffs quickly came about. They are much cheaper in quantity than the real ELM327. Finding an adapter with a real Elm Electronics chip is quite difficult, although I haven’t had trouble with the clone. Sometimes it will be reluctant to connect at first, but I suspect this has more to do with bluetooth than anything else.

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What OBDII Scanner Should I Get?

I been looking on E-bay at this one that I attached, it’s not as good as the one I use to have at work but it looks okay. I’ve been looking at this model for a while cause it was more in my price range but now that I’m bringing in more flow I think I could spend more on something better. Any suggestions for something up to maybe a 100.00 or less if it’s good, this OBDII is mostly for self but sometimes I do side jobs for people. Appreciate any opinions, thanks.