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DIY: iPod/iPhone Input for SC-815/816 Radios

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor b2fkb0 shows us how to transform the tape deck function of SC-815 and SC-816 Volvo radios into an input for not just iPods and iPhones, but really any source with a mini jack output: “Well, sorry it took me a year to get back with this, but I hope it helps! Just did a black faced SC-816 for the 855 R for my daughter as her Christmas present, here’s what I did…”

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Volvo Radio Light Bulb Replacement

I just happened to buy an extra bulb when I picked up a
replacement one for a clock light on a 2002 Honda Accord at the Honda dealership the other day.
When one of my Volvo’s radio lights went out yesterday, it made me wonder.. You may have read
on some sites that you can purchase a replacement at Radio Shack, but supposedly it has to be
modified and doesn’t match the other bulbs in brightness.