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DIY: iPod/iPhone Input for SC-815/816 Radios

Check out this DIY: iPod/iPhone Input!

How To Replace Tape Deck w/ Minijack Input

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor b2fkb0 shows us how to transform the tape deck function of SC-815 and SC-816 Volvo radios into an input for not just iPods and iPhones, but really any source with a mini jack output: “Well, sorry it took me a year to get back with this, but I hope it helps! Just did a black faced SC-816 for the 855 R for my daughter as her Christmas present, here’s what I did…”

iPhone iPod input tutorial SC815 SC816 Volvo radio headunit

Add an iPhone/iPod Input to SC-815/816 Tape Deck DIY: iPod/iPhone Input

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Bonus! Volvo Facts

  • This vehicle brand is older than BMW, Ferrari, and Volkswagen.
  • In 1950s, the company used to give a 5-years insurance on all the vehicles in case of a car crash.
  • Depending on your location, if you buy certain Volvo models, you would get a Volvo sponsored vacation to Gothenburg-Sweden, to test drive the vehicle you want to buy.
  • In 1932, barely 5 years after launch, Volvo had produced a total of 10,000 vehicles.They made progress by producing a total of 50,000 in 1941 and 2 million is 1972.

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