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Serpentine Belt Tool DIY

Found a post from someone else on how to make a serpentine belt tool. For a 1.99$ get a pipe cap, grind it with a metal grinder ( duh 😀 ) and then drill a hole through the thread area and use a metal bar to give it some force, I used a big drill bit i had around my garage. It worked just fine. Thanks to the person who came up with this idea, just thought I would spread it and save you 30 dollars as someone else did to me.

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GearWrench 12 Piece X-Beam Wrenches

Check out these X-Beam Wrenches GearWrench 12 Piece Set Metric X-Beam Combination Ratcheting Wrench has decreased from $129.49 to $109.63. I’m watching some products on Amazon.com, and that…