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Remove P2 Volvo Fuel Pump Ring – DIY Tool

P2 Volvo Fuel Pump Ring - DIY Tool

DIY Tool for Fuel Pump

Nice home made tool to remove P2 Volvo’s fuel pump ring! You could make the bottom piece out of hardwood easily, too.

MVS member regierart on his 2001-2007 Volvo P2 models fuel pump tool:

I Cobbled together a quick tool for the plastic ring over the sending unit. Worked like a charm.

Here’s another P2 fuel pump DIY tool, different approach. Or buy the tool for around $40 from here.

P2 Volvo Fuel Pump Ring - DIY Tool

Fuel Pump Replace DIY Overview

Jimmy57 tells us how to remove the fuel pumps:

There are two access covers under the back seat. The pump is on the RH (passenger) side and a sending unit with a venturi pump is on the left. You detach the v pump piece on LH side and tie a string or flexible wire to it. String needs to be 5 feet at least to be sure you don’t lose it into tank. Now disconnect the wires on RH side and then unscrew and remove the pump/sender there.

As you remove it you will see the piping from the LH side and the LH side hardware will be pulled out. When you go back in with the new you will use the string or wire to pull LH side piece back over to that side.

The covers will be a little tough. When I don’t have the special tool for pump retainer removal I use HUGE water pump pliers (AKA Channel-Locks) to grasp the retainer ring and use a large screw driver or pry bar to rotate the pliers to unscrew the cap. The arrangement is like a Mason jar lid, the pump is the seal cap and the retainer is a threaded ring holding the the sender/pump cap on. The LH side is held in the same way.

2002 V70 fuel pump replacement

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