Transmission Fluid and Volvo S40/V50, C30 & C70

P1 Family Auto Transmission Advice And Diy -

Wondering if you need to change the transmission fluid in your P1 generation — 2004-2012 — Volvo S40/V50? MVS user cleve33 had a similar question after his mechanic recommended every 30k miles and worrying it was just a cash grab. Turning to the good people of the MVS forum, he asked how often to change […]

Vacuum Transmission Fluid 2001-2007 Volvos

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor Jimmy57 and others discuss how to get transmission fluid out of 2001-2007 V70 and XC70, and other P2 type Volvos. If you have no way to put car up on stands or on ramps then you could suck it out through dipstick. I have had these transmissions apart and the dipstick […]

XC90 3.2 V8 Transmission Flush, Incremental, or Don’t Touch?

I just did mine on my 2008 3.2. It has the same trans as yours…the Aisin TF-80SC. At 64K, the fluid was dark as used engine oil…it needed it. It has no dipstick, so you need to be careful how you do it. I had a couple of S70’s and always did the fluid transfer/flush via the oil cooler line…so simple.

Volvo S60: Sorting out ETM vs Transmission Problems

Installing a new rebuilt transmission without doing the following is fruitless: Full transmission fluid flush Go to a dealer or Volvo indie shop to get rid of the stop neutral transmission “feature” Clear and reset all the adaptions And do a new drive cycle Whenever the transmission is overhauled or replaced, the valve body is […]

How Often Should You Flush Your Transmission Fluid?

Transmission Flush Frequency I have been flushing my ATF (as opposed to a Transmission Drain & Fill… in other words: where I disconnect the cooler hose and flush ATF) using the following guidelines: Mobil Synthetic ATF (It take about 9-10 qts for a flush). Every 20K miles. Is this too excessive and not needed? How […]

Just Got Back from Volvo Specialists (Denver)

…and wow do they know their stuff. Volvo Specialists are a very talented crew with a substantial amount of experience gained by working for local dealer service departments (McDonald Volvo, Rickenbaugh Volvo). I met owner Mike, manager Brett, and about five techs*, and toured the larger-than-I-thought service area. These Guys Live and Breathe Volvos I […]

S80 1st gen. Trans Fluid & Filter Change How-To

The kit comes with a new rubber pan gasket. Use it if your car has a non-reusable gasket on it (like cork). If you have the rigid reusable gasket that has ridges along it’s length and around the bolt holes, use that one and discard the rubber gasket. The ring in the photo is a replacement gasket for the suction tube that goes up into the transmission. You can pry the old one out and press the new one in, or reuse the old one. I just reused the old one.

XC90 Transmission Fluid Flush

XC90 Transmission Fluid Flushing All 5 speed auto’s by A-W use JWS-3309 spec fluid. Switching it to Mobil1 synthetic will mess that transmission up. That said, Mobil-3309 would be an excellent choice in that case. Just check your owner’s manual to make sure of the fluid but as far as I know, besides those with […]

New Modified Transmission Flush Method with Pictures

The tools required are few: Along neck funnel to access and reach the dipstick and transmission filler tube, a 15/16 or 24mm box/open end (not a 1/2″ drive ratchet since it will not fit between the drain plug and the rear brake fluid lines), 5-6 feet of 1/2″ I.D. clear tubing (5/8″ID will be too […]