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How Often Should You Flush Your Transmission Fluid?

Transmission Flush Frequency

I have been flushing my ATF (as opposed to a Transmission Drain & Fill… in other words: where I disconnect the cooler hose and flush ATF) using the following guidelines:

  • Mobil Synthetic ATF (It take about 9-10 qts for a flush).
  • Every 20K miles.

Is this too excessive and not needed?

How often do you guys flush your ATF?


2006 Volvo S80.. When I stop, the car is slow on pick up and suddenly slams to advance. Does any body know the cause?. I have been given all kinds of reason by the dealers from throttle body failure to tranmission overhaul.

I want to replace my original Volvo air filter with a K & N after market. How does one access the engine containment? LeRoy Oh yes -C30

They should have NEVER put an automatic in a R model. I have a 2002 S40 and it does act sluggish in the mornings until warm up. 2-5 minutes although it seems longer than that. Can the transmission fluid level be low causing this and where does one add to it?

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