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How Often Should You Flush Your Transmission Fluid?

I have been flushing my ATF (as opposed to a Transmission Drain & Fill… in other words: where I disconnect the cooler hose and flush ATF) using the following guidelines:

  • Mobil Synthetic ATF (It take about 9-10 qts for a flush).
  • Every 20K miles.

Is this too excessive and not needed?

Transmission Flush Frequency

Drain and fill every other to every 3rd oil change.

Naturally the first time is a flush, depending on the condition and mileage.

I do not flush an (unknown) trans with over 60-70K miles


Once a year no more than two depending on color or slight change in driveabily. On my other cars drain and fill if lazy or else flush especially on the Volvo.


How often do you guys flush your ATF


I just did my first tranny drain & fill at 50K miles on my 2016 XC70.

Right after buying my wife’s 2013 XC70 (104K mi.), I did a drain & fill and had the TCM fluid counters reset.

Neither tranny has ever acted up. Both are incredibly smooth.

I suspect the Geartronic transmissions that fail early are the ones driven “hard” (lead-foot driver) or trailer-loaded — or, were improperly serviced. The TF80-SC + Volvo TCM is a very well-designed machine, but for average driving conditions. It’s not designed for heavy-duty drivetrain loading.

When I go to buy a used Volvo (I’ve bought 13), the most important factors are who owned it, how it was driven, and how religiously maintained.

I expect to do drain & fills every 40-50K with TCM resets.

2006 Volvo S80.. When I stop, the car is slow on pick up and suddenly slams to advance. Does any body know the cause?. I have been given all kinds of reason by the dealers from throttle body failure to tranmission overhaul.

I want to replace my original Volvo air filter with a K & N after market. How does one access the engine containment? LeRoy Oh yes -C30

They should have NEVER put an automatic in a R model. I have a 2002 S40 and it does act sluggish in the mornings until warm up. 2-5 minutes although it seems longer than that. Can the transmission fluid level be low causing this and where does one add to it?

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