S70 Speakers Demystified

I posted earlier asking about recommended speaker sizes to replace the blown speakers in my daughter’s S70 and the response was pretty much crickets. I had to make a couple of trips to the local Pick & Pull for some other parts so I tried to pull the speakers from a donor S70 while I was there but they were rotted as well. The foam on the edges of the cones had basically turned to dust on all of them in the lot. I pulled a speaker for each door and a rear deck speaker anyway, I think the Pick & Pull just gave them to me or charged very little for them since they were bad anyway and I was buying a bunch of other stuff. I figured having them would let me experiment on fitting other speakers into the frames.

Simple Volvo Tweeter Modification

The modification I performed on the stock dash tweeters would apply for the other speakers in the Volvo that have a tweeter with a (electrolytic) capacitor as a high-pass filter. This is also very commonly found on coaxial speakers (such as my old Infinity 5012i set), and this modification would also apply to those as… Read the full article…