Volvo 5 cylinder Cars With VVT… Exhaust Cam Gear

Let’s talk about Volvo 5-cylinder Cars V40 and S40 (2004+) owners rejoice! Help and advice is here for you while you’re working on your Volvo’s timing belt. This is also applicable to 2000s Volvo 5-cylinder cars with VVT… variable valve timing. MVS member Bruce: The timing mark on the cam gear is really not important […]

Quickbrick Motorsports Adjustable Cam Tool

[Note: this was a page here on MVS, but I made it a post instead, Aug. 30, 2015 — Matt.] I pulled this content from the Wayback Machine as a service to the greater Volvo community so that this information would remain available to owners of this cam adjusting product, or for those seeking information […]

1998 vs. 1999 Changes & Differences

Well, what are they? MVS Forums member (hey, it’s free, why not register?) j-dawg and the rest of the crew answer this important bit of Volvo trivia. This is actually one of the more interesting bits of P80 lore, to me. No idea why. 98- cars don’t have the electronic throttle, VVT, solid lifters, as […]

Volvo 6-cylinder VVT engine: Cam Settings

Here’s how our very sharp Forum Moderator JDS60R does the very important lining-everything-up work on a Volvo 6-cylinder VVT engine (S80 and some others). This is generally done during a timing belt change. Lock cams. Loosen outer pulley 3 bolts. Turn outer pulley clockwise to limit position while holding center. Lightly lock down 3 pulley […]