How To Troubleshoot Volvos

This is how to troubleshoot Volvo problems. This is a gold standard, a troubleshooting level we should all aspire to. Read through the forum thread and see how MVS Volvo Forums Moderator Steve absolutely nails it. This is his account of the 48 hours after he’s left stranded in a parking lot… how he limps his 1999 V70 manual home, and how he gets to the root of the problem a day later.

Speakers: 4 ohm or 8 ohm?

My twist is that I have 4 ohm OEM Volvo speakers but I keep reading that Volvo uses 8 ohm speakers.

I am working on door panels, noticed that one of the stock speakers was bad, went to the JY to get the only locally available replacement and it was worse than my bad speaker. My door panels were supposed to be done and I wanted to get something (yes rushing things, 1st mistake) so I went to the local stereo shop (2nd mistake?), talked to a guy who has been there forever and who I do actually trust.

Boost Gauge Install DIY

Boost Gauge Install -

How to Install a Boost Gauge This Volvo Forum topic covers installation of a boost gauge. Your model of Volvo might be different from the photos and description, but the concepts are there. Wiring, routing the vacuum line, mounting, it’s all here. A boost gauge — I recommend the IPD “R” unit, the display is […]

Volvo 240 Tailgate Chomped My Wires

A common problem on 240 estates (wagons) is breakdown of the wiring to the rear lights and heated rear screen due to bad design. The wiring runs around the hinge on the tailgate and eventually wears through. This is a clear, easy to follow write-up on how to repair/replace the wiring if it does happen […]

Volvo Climate Control Panel Removal

volvo climate control panel

The link takes you to a thread in the forum where the how-to of removing the climate control panel is. Member, Mike850 from Tulsa, Oklahoma shares information from his recent removal of the manual climate control panel in order to replace burned out light bulbs.