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How To Troubleshoot Volvos

How To Troubleshoot

This is how to troubleshoot Volvo problems. This is a gold standard, a troubleshooting level we should all aspire to. Read through the forum thread and see how MVS Volvo Forums Moderator abscate (Steve) absolutely nails it. This is his account of the 48 hours after his 1999 V70 left him stranded in a parking lothow he limps it home, and how he gets to the root of the problem a day later.

Steve uses a “funnel” methodology to troubleshoot… moving from consideration of just about any reasonable problem source — what is causing this? — to few possible causes. At the bottom of the funnel what’s left is the source, in this case it was a wiring fault in tailgate led to fuse fault on central locking system which inhibits starter on ME7 cars.

Signed, sealed, delivered example of Troubleshooting Best Practices when finding the source of a Volvo problem.

Trying to get home, pulled over and no start.

No cranking.

I also noticed by FOB has stopped working, will not unlock any doors

Also, driver door lock switch no longer locks doors

All idiot lights come on but I get the click of a dash relay but no cranking.

Checking fuses……

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 10.48.23 AM.png

Battery fine.

I rigged the starter bypass, being stuck in the a Walmart parking lot (where I was getting a trailer bulb, having talked my way out of a ticket) bought some primary wire, and VROOOM>>> she started right up.

On the way home, the clutch pedal would not drop off the cruise control, so Im guessing a bad clutch switch. On ME7 – this switch has multiple functions.

Of course, with my locks not working, its either coincidental, or I have a fault higher up that is common to the clutch switch and locks. Im guessing this is the case.

Home, safe and sound. 2 hour delay total.

Well, the plot thickens this morning.

No cranking with the key, car cranks fine with the bypass, but will not start!

This car always starts in 1/3 of a second, so something else is up.

Progress report

I did not notice this last night – Fuse 6, central locking is blown
Replacing it and powering up, fine
Either lock button on driver or passenger side immediately blows fuse.

Im guessing this is causing the no-crank but I thought immob inhibited spark only on ME7?? I will know shortly.

Yes, my little problem child. You will tremble at the awesomeness of my troubleshooting skills.

Cup of coffee. What have I been doing for past two days? Lots of tailgate work moving work stuff

Popped the tailgate, my old friend has returned….


and the verdict is:

Cleaned clutch switch with some MAF cleaner, cleaned operating shaft with sand paper, dab of silicone spray.

Car cranks and starts with clutch fully down. Removing Fuse 6, central locking inhibits starter cranking – THATS GOOD TO KNOW!

I just have to fix the pillar wiring problem this weekend and Ill be good.Second half of the DENVER win should be a good time to schedule.

Its very possible the clutch switch was still functional and the FUSE 6 caused by pillar wiring fault was the whole issue.


VRD:1999 V70 T5 – Broken Hatch wires lead to no-crank condition, Manual trans

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