XeMODeX is a MVS Sponsor!

We’re proud to announce XeMODeX is partnering with this site to bring all of us information and Volvo troubleshooting solutions. XeMODeX cut its teeth developing and marketing a fix for Volvo’s ETM fiasco with their in-house developed contact-less potentiometer ETM. This announcement means XeMODeX’s ad appears at the top of MVS pages. Please let them […]

Troubleshoot Heat Soak ECM, BCM, CEM, & TCM

Detailed thread from hankb on troubleshooting ECM DIM CAN bus as function of heat and humidity: This is my second post on this forum regarding the same unsolved problem – you can find my first saga here on this site. That post was a year ago – it describes intermittent trouble with the DIM failing, […]

Tips and Hints for XeMODeX ETM Installation

Replacing your ETM? Some Tips from an ETM Manufacturer It’s has been over a year since we have introduced the Non – Contacting ETM upgrade. The purpose of this post is to make all of you Do It Yourselfers aware of the potential issues and problems that others like you have come across during their […]

Codes P1021,1026,1032,1081 & 0420

Well, I disconnected the battery for 30 minutes to reset all codes. Three days later I experienced the same problem (illuminated ETS & engine light as well as decrease acceleration and stalling). I had the codes read immediately by Auto Zone and was given codes P1021, P1026, & P01032. 1999 s70 trouble codes P1021,1026,1032,1081 & […]