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How to Install a Passenger Seat – Tutorial w/ Photos

Ready to Install a Passenger Seat?

RobTheModd wrote:

This write up will include.
Pass –
Rear –
Headliner –
Dash Trim –
others… hehe youll have to wait and see.


So within the next week my interior will look nothing like it did yesterday before I did the seat swap for an older yet WAY nicer looking pass side black seat. *btw its heated… hehehehee*
In the future…
today I am replacing the back seat with a black leather as well to match the pass seat.
Me and a friend might be going half and half on headliner materials to replace our headliners *hes got a 855 i believe* , as well as i am changing the color of the dash trim… *not the pieces just the color, replacing is WAY to big of a job for me to do*
Then I will be on the hunt for a black either pass side seat to get it skinned to my drivers, or an electric drivers in black.

Seat before removal -Install a Passenger Seat

Before you install or remove other seat you should prep your new one. First spray a few sprays of what ever your using on the leather. this is for Lexol so check to see how yours is used. Spray a 2-3 on area, wet a clothe and rub into surface, this activates foam. then wipe off with towel. I personally used the cleaner and conditioner.

Once you get that done its time to take out that seat! Firstly your going to want to pop off the plastic pieces, the one in the front next to the door is a major PITA and BE CAREFUL! because if you do it wrong you will break it.

Total interior remodeling. Write ups included and growing. See more like this in the Volvo Forum.

Install a Passenger Seat

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