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Volvo Fuel Pump Relay Repair

volvo pump relay repair

How to perform a fuel pump relay repair.

When is it time to perform a fuel pump relay repair? Fuel pump relay failures are a common and frustrating occurrence with the Volvo 850. A failure effectively immobilizes the car and many owners, myself included, carry a spare relay in the car so as to not get stuck on the road miles away from any Volvo dealer. The relays are unique to Volvo and cannot be purchased from a standard auto parts store. Read about the repair with pictures…less than $3.00 in parts if you’re willing to take the time to do this repair!

Upper electrical center with the panel removed.

The fuel pump relay is relay 103. I have trouble getting my fingers around the pump relay to extract without first removing the 101/102 relay combo.

Once the relay is removed it is possible to actually repair the relay. Credit to Guy200 who first pointed out his successful relay repair.

The first step in the repair process is to remove the relay cap. This can be accomplished by carefully prying outward on the base of the cap with a pair of small screwdrivers on the sides that are adjacent to the labeled side of the relay. The cap has no real give to it so it is necessary to pry both sides at the same time.

Prying off the relay cap.

Once the cap is removed a small printed circuit board and the relay itself is revealed. Check for any obvious signs of bad things such as burned components, pitted or burned contacts on the relay, or loose solder joints. Assuming you find no obvious signs of damage the repair from here is to identify the two electrolytic capacitors. On my relay (898769000) the two capacitors were 100 µF and 22 µF respectively. The 898797000 relay may have different value capacitors.

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Fuel Pump Relay Repair

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