1998 Volvo V70 Brake Hydraulics Overhaul

Brake Hoses, Caliper Seals/Dust Boots Rebuild Tutorial

MVS Contributor and Member CN90 documented his thorough brake hydraulics overhaul and posted it in the forum. His tutorial is the next best thing to a Volvo tech sitting next to you saying things like “Now turn that nut counterclockwise. Good.”

CN90’s DIY Brake Hydraulic System Overhaul on his 1998 Volvo V70 details the rebuild of his V70 Brake Hydraulic System’s Brake Hoses, Caliper Seals and Dust Boots. And if that weren’t enough, he replaced the Parking Brake Shoes as well. And shows us how he did it. WHOA

What parts to buy and how much you should expect to pay for them are noted. Nut sizes and required tools too.

My experience shows that after 12-14 years/100-120K miles, the Brake Caliper Seals start to harden causing either fluid leakage or seized Calipers (uneven pad wear, rotor overheat -> damage etc.). So at that age/mileage it makes sense to “refresh” the brake hydraulic system.

1998 Volvo V70 brake system overhaul

You’ll be exposed to brake fluid if you do this to your Volvo, so please take precaution, which means at the very least proper eyewear and gloves are necessary.

DIY: 98 V70 Brake Hydraulic Overhaul (Hoses, Seals, Parking)

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  1. Dear sir
    we need a hydraulic system manual or plan for volvo L70 year 1996
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