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How to Rebuild the Head on a S80 T6

Read the rest of this particular S80 T6 Head Gasket job, and don’t forget to see our other S80 T6 Head Gasket DIY topic. This post by Boosted5cyl on the Volvo S80 Forum is a pretty outstanding How to Rebuild the Head on a 1999 S80 T6 engine, in photos. DIY it and save your $1500.

  • As some of you know, I had to repair what I think was a blown head gasket. Still not 100% sure. Anyway, it gave me a reason to rebuild the top end and checkout the turbos. Enjoy.
  • I also reground the valves by hand and replaced the valve stem seals.
  • I tapped the cam cover with a rubber mallet where the lugs were, then used the bolts gradually and progressivly to clamp it down. It required very little torque on the bolts in my case. Maybe it had been off before? But anyway, no tools used, just patience and a ratchet.

How to Rebuild the Head on a S80 T6

While You’re In the B6294T…

boosted5cyl » The only “fault” regarding burnt exhaust valves in the T6 (and T5 incidentally) is owners insisting on using lower octane fuel for extended periods of time. $600 was nearly my entire budget (including buying a air compressor and other tools). You might already know this, but the block is aluminum, so be careful with anything sharp when you are cleaning the gasket surface. While its apart, you can tend to other things too, if you are so inclined:

  • Clean and Inspect the turbos , I’ve posted the tolerances on here somewhere.
  • Set the wastegate actuator pressure, I have info on this posted somewhere too.
  • Let some B12 soak past the rings to decoke them a little.
  • Inspect the PCV system. For $30 you might as well replace the PCV tank and seals
  • Clean the ETM, take your time and avoid wetting any of the electronics or other innards.
  • Clean\inspect the fuel injectors.
  • Clean out the turbo plumbing including the intercooler.
  • Clean out the VVT actuator solenoid.
  • Remove the crank position sensor and clean the crud off it.
  • Remove knock sensors, clean contact points on head and sensors.
  • Inspect the vacuum pipes.
  • Inspect your wiring: repair, inspect, re-route and re-cover as and where needed.
  • Drop the tranny pan, change filter and fluid.
  • Consider making a cam lock tool.

I got my kit from Maybe it was a once-off, but someone, somewhere **ked up the head gasket in the kit as well as an oil seal and I ended up buying again locally. I’ve bought VW stuff from them from them since, but still it pi$$ed me off….

T6 Engine

To clean the block, I used degreaser (might have been simple green or some knock off of it) then on the pistons and soforth I used B12chemtool. The head was steam cleaned at the shop that I had do the resurfacing.

How to Rebuild the Head on a S80 T6

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How did you set the cvvt unit when you installed the timming belt . thanks dave

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