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V70 Rear Wiper Fix

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“I finally got tired of looking at the rear wiper arm parked at the 1:30 position of my V70. It wasn’t just a matter of repositioning the wiper arm because this would just cause it to wipe the tailgate. The entire window would get wiped – it would go from 1:30 to 3:00 back to 9:00 then home to 1:30. I searched around this site and found at least one other person ¬†with this problem but no solution, so here’s my first how-to.”
— MVS Forum member Jack Rock

V70 Rear Wiper removal and fix


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3 thoughts on “V70 Rear Wiper Fix

  1. Maple Ridge Auto says:

    It sounds like the gear inside the motor is mostly stripped just not completely there yet. I have had a hard time finding good used ones for customers latly and earlier today took one apart there is a metal worm gear that drives a plastic/ nylon gear. The plastic is striped out. I need to find an afordable fix but the gear is quite complicated to fabricate. I am doing my best to find out how to find replacement parts but the only way to get it from Volvo is the entire assembly. I have had great luck rebuilding the 94-00 wagon rear wipers but looks 01-07 are going to be a bit harder to find parts for any in put would be great if anyone has anything to add. They are manufactured in the czech republic. How would you go about ordering replacement parts?

  2. I have simular problem if anyone can help? My wiper works intermitently, when set on intermitent or full continuous wipe it stops and then will not go again unles I give it a nudge which takes it from quarter to, till ten to then stops. I then have to give it another nudge and after about 10 seconds it will do the remaining sweep and then stops again and I’m back to giving it a nudge again? I have taken off the wiper blade arm leaving just the spindle shaft showing and everything works properly, just not with the wiper arm on, the wiper arm is quite new??? By the way its a 2004 V70 can anyone help?

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