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Change Rear Oxygen Sensor, Volvo 850 T5 Tutorial

When I reset it and it came back on between 40 and 150 miles later, I knew it was times to change the sensor. No degrade in fuel economy.

So I got the Bosch sensor for my ’97 850 T5 (T=turbo) from one of my sponsors, Bosch part #15062. It was around $90. I didn’t want to fiddle with the Bosch universal sensor, although some here have used that with success and thus saved money.

Rear Oxygen (02) Sensor
New (top), and old.

It’s an easy job to change rear oxygen sensor, really. No exotic tools necessary. I did my front sensor years ago without the fancy socket, and it went ok. Be safe under the car.

Change Rear Oxygen (O2) Sensor, 850 T5 Tutorial

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