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V70: Replacing a Rain-Sensing Windshield

Let’s talk replacing Rain-Sensing Windshield

Tomorrow I’m hiring a auto glass business to replace the windshield I cracked in the summer on our 2004 V70 R. Estimates ranged from $250 to $300. All do “on site” replacement, meaning they come to me.

I’ll add to the Rain-Sensing Windshield topic when it’s done, and give my thoughts on the job. Follow that here in the Volvo Forum.

Cold water from the garden hose on hot glass. V70 R. It cracked when the water hit it, I wasn’t even thinking about this, but I know it happens. Stupid.

The cracks are long, about 4 of them, up/down/left/right. Ugh.


I have had two Volvo screens (850 and a V70) crack totally across them after a stone hit due to subsequent chassis flex that in my opinion would have just been a nick in the glass back in the good old days. Probably something we just have to watch out for because of the way cars are built now. The good thing is that the chassis are a lot more rigid which translates into better handling (at least in theory). Or at least you can open a door and close it again if you have one corner of the car jacked up. Try that in a Gen 2 Camaro!


More on the Volvo V70 – Some History

Late in 1996, Volvo introduced a new estate car to the market, the V70.

The Volvo V70 was developed from the concept of the successful 850 wagon (“Estate”) which had then been on the market since February 1993.

The exterior of the new V70 showed softer styling than its predecessor, but still carried a strong Volvo identity including the typical almost vertical rear end. Inside the car, the dashboard was new, as was most of the interior. As regards safety, a number of important improvements were also made.

An interesting and successful addition to the V70 models was the all-wheel drive XC70 models.

The Volvo V70 was produced until 2000, when it was replaced by the second-generation V70.

Volvo Facts

  • How far will your Volvo take you? American Irv Gordon drove three million miles over 47 years in his Volvo P1800. He’s the first person ever to clock up that mileage in the same-originally owned vehicle. Even more impressive is that he achieved this feat without replacing the engine.
  • Volvo has always been a leader in innovating child-safety features in cars. We were key in developing rearward-facing child seats, and in 1978 we introduced the world’s first booster cushion. Since then, we’ve continued to look for ways to protect children in cars.

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