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Can I Swap In A Used DIM?

Thinking of using a Used DIM?


My father has a 2002 XC70…he has been told by the dealership that the dim module is bad and needs to replace it. He wants to know what it looks like to make sure he gets the correct part, due to the fact his friend can get him one dirt cheap compared to the dealer.


Match the part number on the paper label on the top of the DIM, and all will work. The same DIM was used on the V70, XC70, S80 and S60, so you should have plenty to choose from at the junk yard. Just matching car model years won’t suffice – match the part numbers between the dead one and the one at the junk yard. You can plug the thing in, right there in the parking lot at the junk yard, and see that it works or not.

The only place my experience differs is that my car did not show the higher mileage. It shows the (lower) mileage on the wrecked car it came from. But…when I went to the dealer to update other software, their computer showed both the wreck’s mileage and the true mileage for my car…so anyone reading this shoudln’t think they can ‘spin’ their odometer by swapping DIM’s.


The DIM is the gauge cluster one unit, comes out in minutes. The problem that can arise from swapping dims can include:

  1. They are not interchangeable for all years. Some may speak from personally experience (such as me) but putting a 2005 into a 2003 will most likely not work. Others have spoke fine of 2003 working in 2002 while others say a used 2003 didn’t work in their 2003. Some speculate there could have been subtle system changes early or late in a model year. I personally think those ones may have just needed codes cleared pertaining to DIM to make it work.
  2. The vehicle will take the mileage of the higher of the two vehicles, no exceptions, Volvo cannot help with this (buy a new one!). It will record a code in the system saying it has been tampered with. This will not show on your dash and it can be cleared easily by the Vida Dice.
  3. We put a 2003 S60 into our 2003 XC70 just fine.

A quick google search produced this line drawing: … 708211.jpg

Make sure you get the entire cluster…no reason to just get the circuit only. As stated it takes a normal “joe” 10 minutes to change one of these out but if you run into issues it may take a tech with a Vida Dice to solve any concerns (from mismatched years).

Dim Module Swap on P2 Volvos

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