Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70 Front Brake Line Replacement

MVS Forums Contributor Jason R shows us how to get a tough job done quickly — Volvo 850 DIY: Front Flexible Brake Line Replacement. He even created a DIY Brake Lines PDF of his work.

This DIY guide shows how I replaced the front flexible brake lines on a 1997 Volvo 855 GLT at 166k miles. I benefited greatly from the write up by Vjaneczko who included very helpful information on how to repair stuck and stripped flare fittings – check out his Flaring Volvo Brake Lines.

Procedure Overview

A) Clean dirt from fittings
B) Remove old brake line
C) Install new brake line
D) Do other side of the car
E) Bleed brakes

Time: about 2 hours including jacking up the car, stopping to take photos, and cleaning up and putting away the tools afterwards.


11mm and 14mm flare wrenches – these are indispensable for loosening the fittings on the brake lines without rounding off the corners.
Brass brush to loosen up dirt on the fittings
Torque wrench for wheel lug nuts
Pressure Bleeder (or vacuum bleeder, or a second person to hold down the brake pedal while you open the bleed screw)


Brake fluid (I used about ½ liter of ATE Typ 200 Amber DOT4+)
Brake cleaning spray to remove dirt, grease and oil from fittings and in case any grease or fluid gets on the brake rotors.
P’Blaster or other penetrating fluid to help break loose the flare nut fittings.
Pan to catch and hold brake fluid


I got the lines from Darryl Waltrip Volvo, part 3546813. ATE made the lines, like the rest of the brake system components on this car.

Brake Line 09.jpg
Brake Line parts

Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70 Front Brake Line Replacement

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  1. I have just joined this group . How likely is it my brake hose could cause my caliper to lock up
    ?? If I turn my bleed screw the caliper realises but having very hard time with caliper holding ..Do not know if hose could be the problem ? Help please .

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