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Smartphone Apps & Volvos

If you’ve read about owners using the growing list of smartphone apps with adaptors connected to Volvos’ ports, this MVS Forums topic might interest you. Some recent questions:

  • What app are you using to do so?
  • Where did you get the app and what did it cost?
  • What hardware is associated/required?
  • What type of phone are you using?
  • What data does it capture/display?

Smartphone App
Smartphone Apps & Volvos


Post by xtrattitude4u » Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:08 am

I am using the ELM327 bluetooth adapter with my 1998 S70. Got it off amazon.
The “newest mini elm327” fit under the armrest quite well.
I got it for less than $20.I believe it will work for any blue-tooth capable phone.
I am using the Torque app on my android-based samsung galaxy s2. Downloaded on my phone from google play.
Torque is fantastic. You can try the free version first,
but the pro version is only $5 and is worth much more than that.

All these features work on the s70: (except for boost haha)
short/Long term fuel trim
O2 sensor voltage
emissions status indicators
coolant temp
throttle position
manifold pressure
Turbo Boost
Does 1/4 mile and 0-60 times.
Reads fault codes also, but I dont have any to test that out.
Was probably the best $25 I ever spent . . .


Post by E Showell » Sat Jun 01, 2013 6:11 am

Ok — I’ll bite — and further display my ignorance . . .

So what is fuel trim anyway and why do I care if I can read it? What does it matter short term/long term?

Has the ability to read any of this information actually made a difference in how you drive/maintain your car?

And notwithstanding that I can obtain all of this information, where can I obtain baseline values? So, for instance, even if I can determine that my intake manifold pressure is X millibars, what difference does that make if I don’t know what the normal spec. tolerances are anyway?

What I am asking is how valuable a tool is this in terms of real world applications for the data obtained?

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I have Torque on my smartphone and tablet. I use an OBDII Bluetooth Port. I just tried it on my 2000 Volvo XC70. Seems to work okay.

I have used the same app on my Range Rover, Toyota Sequoia, and 5-Series BMW.

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