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Volvo News – Newsletter May 2019

MVS Newsletter May 2019

May 2019 MVS Newsletter

Polestar picks UK For New Development Center

Brexit doesn’t scare Volvo

Volvo’s Head of R&D Talks Touchy Safety Subjects

Volvo’s head of R&D talks about the touchy subjects of in-car cameras and 112 MPH maximum speed limit coming in 2021 models. Never before has safety been so controversial. Right? Strange days.

Rich Actor Loves And Buys $750 Volvos

John Rhys-Davies talks running Volvos and why he chooses 1990s-and-older Volvos over exotic sports cars and anything under the sun he can afford.

Autoweek looks at Old Volvos

Autoweek looks at 1) a Volvo Amazon junkyard find and 2) their May, 1983 review of the Volvo 760 Turbodiesel.

Cozy Family Story of Owning Volvos

Is it me, or does Volvo have a lock on this sort of car ownership story? Just a warm family story of owning, and passing down to their teen drivers their family Volvos.

Polestar 2 Getting Tons of Attention for This Feature

Polestar 2 Android Auto system is getting major attention from auto industry writers and the public.

MVS Comings and Goings

Spring ’19 Moderator Donation Drive

It’s on now. Closes Wednesday!

Multiple Ongoing Restoration Projects

We’ve got several ongoing Volvo projects — daily driver type cars, not to be garage queens:

$10k S80 Challenge
Marco’s V70 Journey
WhatAmIDoing’s 1999 S70 Rescue
Kallekula’s 2001 Wagon Relapse
2005 XC90 T6 Executive Project

Did I miss any? Get at me and I’ll put it in June’s newsletter.

Thanks Leaders

MVS Volvo Forum Thanks Leaders are the top members who have been thanked for their posts. This isn’t a race, but it’s good to recognize those who take the time to write awesome help posts.

abscate 502
RickHaleParker 269
erikv11 151
oragex 145
jimmy57 129

Volvo Findings still finding Volvos

Volvo Findings — This is a good thread to follow if you’re going to buy a Volvo. It’s like a slow drip of Volvo buying Best Practices.

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