Volvo S70

Help, advice and DIY repairs for Volvo's immensely popular late 1990s S70 sedan.

Volvo S70

The S70 had a short life — 1998 to 2000. It was — at least 90% of it anyway — simply an updated Volvo 850. It was replaced by the Volvo S60 when that car debuted in 2001.

Volvo S70 History

The “S” in S70 of course meant “sedan”. The wagon version of the S70 was the V70, in Swedish “wagon” being “vagn”. Like the 850, the S70 was extremely popular and shared the 850 sheetmetal. It got a number of changes and freshening touches compared to the 850 when it and its sister the V70 debuted in the 1998 model year. Off the top of my head, the window switches were moved from the center armrest to the driver’s door like most cars, the head- and taillights were smoothed and retouched, and the antenna got moved — from its place where it would attract the worst in car washes’s spinning washing things — and integrated into the car’s windshield. Among many other things.

The Volvo S70 & V70 Forum is where to get advice and help. Because the 850 and S70 (and V70) are so similar, they share a forum. I’ve never confirmed this but I’d be shocked if the two Volvos didn’t share upwards of 90% of their parts.

If you don’t want to scan the Volvo S70/V70 Repair Database for an answer, simply register for the forum (free, no spam) and post your question. New to forums? Spend a minute looking at the MVS Help page. It’s worth it, trust me. But I would suggest looking around the Repair Database — as of this writing, there are 428 entries related to the 850, S70 and Gen. 1 V70 family. That’s a lot of information. But don’t get scared off, it’s organized so that you can find what you’re looking for AND it has a search box at the top of the page.

S70 Help Lives in the Volvo Forum

Searching the Volvo forum is another super way of digging up information. You must be logged in to use Forum Search, but you don’t have to post a thing. Some people register merely to use this forum search capability.

Most of the forum posts here at MVS do get answered to one degree or another, so there is a ton of good information to be discovered.

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34 Replies to “Volvo S70”

  1. My s70 1998 has no injector pulse, it’s cranking but not starting. I have good fuel pressure, good spark and compression. Then timing is fine, the only challenge is the fuel not being sprayed into the combustion chamber by the injectors.
    I checked the injector power and it has power but the pulse wire (grey) had nothing.
    If there is anyone with another suggestion could you kindly assist me.

  2. I have a problem with my ETM. I tried to start my car in the morning and it made a loud noise then my ETM made a weird noise also and my car wouldn’t start. I cleaned my ETM before and it worked fine but now I can’t seem to get it to start. Any help ?

  3. I have a volvo xc70 ’03. I couple if days ago we had a break in the weather so I detailed the outside really good. I back out of the wash bay and it stalled but restarted right away. Today, 6 days later I started it to leave and it will turn over but not start. All interior lights etc work but no success to start. My husband cleaned out the air filter. It was not too badly dirty. I only have one key and no keyless entry remotes. As it did not come with either. I tried locking and unlocking it 5 -7 times with the key in the door. Still nothing. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  4. I have a real problem with getting decent traction and need ANY advice that will help me stop smoking tires. I have come to the point of diminishing returns, I have installed IPD parts until I started to make good horsepower but I cannot use it due to NO TRACTION and I need advice about traction without changing to a manual trans and related semi-positraction trans axle. Any reasonable advice greatly appreciated.

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  6. hi I have a 1999 s70 glt the problem that I’m having is when I step on the gas it drives but if the r.p.m’s go over 2 1/2 it loses pressure and the speed drops n the only way that the car will moves is if I restart it but it will do the same thing like every 3 blocks I cant drive over 20 m.p.h is it the gas filter,speed sensor fuel pump or what?

  7. I have 1998 s70 Vovlvo
    My radio Display’s Phone s only , Could it be getting ready to go out . or is there another issue with it.
    Thanks for your input.

  8. working on a 2000 v70XC wagon. No dash lights. Original Mech removed the dim module and jumpered the lights on when ignition was on. Good temp fix. Installed no less than three dim modules and still no dash lights. Dash lights work when module is bypassed. What gives?

  9. I would like someone to help me. My front & side windows keep fogging up. Turn on air, but it doesn’t seem to be clearing up. cold air comes out.
    Any suggestions?


  10. i’m driving a 99 volvo s70 T5. I got a problem with the A/C. When turn on the A/C, hot air come from 2 vents on driver side, cold air come from 2 vents on passenger side. what was it and how to fix that.
    Thanks for any helps. Tuan

  11. Hello,
    I have a 2000 S70 (Turbo) and all of a sudden the gas release lever located on my driver side door, will not unlock/open the fuel tank door on the exterior of my car. I can’t find another way to open it from the locked state it’s in and too boot I’m almost out of gas. Thanks for any advice anyone can offer.
    Thanks, Michael

  12. trying to locate tension pully on ’99 s70 to change drive belt…plus any helpful comments on getting a pipe wrench into position would be greatly appreciated. ty.

  13. I have a 1998 s70 volvo and i am not getting any heat i checked the fuse replaced the radiator, still not getting anything; no the blower is not working either unless i step on the break then i get heat..

  14. when i go to stop and take my foot off the break i get a high wistling sound put my foot on the break and it stops shut thecar off and it still makes the sound for like 2 mins
    anyone have this problem?

  15. vovlo 2000 s70 diagnostic code 4801–intake leakage repaired; code cleared. dlr said next step:cat replace. dlr said to try a cat cleaner. suggestions?

  16. if you are having trouble with your air conditioner blowing warm air instead of cool air, try shutting fan switch off and push the auto button and the compressor should come on and cool your car. it wrked for my 2001 V7 volvo good luck

  17. my air conditioner on my 2001 v70 runs cold for about 10 minutes and then warms up and no cold air unless i tirn the fan off for about a half hour1 and then i turn it on anf it gets cool for another 10 to 15 mintes over and over again. replaced ac control module now no cooling at all need help to find out what to replace. compressor no turning on as far as i tom st

  18. Hi:

    I have a 2000 V70 R with 144000 miles. I have had the check engine light on which is giving the code for the catalyltic converter. However, this was replaced at about 110,000 miles (5 years ago). Over the last few years I have also replaced the Mass Air Meter, Electronic Throttle Housing, Fuel Pump, etc. (all Volvo dealership parts).

    A local mechanic who only works on Volvo ran some tests on the O2 sensor and says they are fine. He also told me that the parameters for the check engine light to come for this model are too broad and that Volvo has not recalled the software at this time. His suggestion is to take the check engine light out or place black tape over the light because he feels the caty is still fine and that it is the software that is the problem. In fact this is apparently what he did with his own car.

    The local Volvo dealership today said to replace the caty again. Installed this part costs about $1,300 so I am relectant to do this again. Especially if the problem is with the software. Also when the caty went bad initially I tried three after market cats, all of which failed within 3 month, (i.e. check engine light back on).

    Has any one else had this problem, and if so how did they fix it?

    Thanks very much…

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