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Volvo Wagon or Mercedes Wagon?

Which wagon would you go for?

If you’re in the market for a new or used Volvo or Mercedes wagon you’re likely doing your due diligence and researching any chance you can get. Take some time to ask our forum members what their thoughts are on this issue. MVS forum members equinutok and chuckcintron have a lengthy discussion on this topic, read more in the forums.

MVS Forum Member equinutok asks:

Ok here goes. I have a long list of choices and am down to either and older Mercedes wagon or a Volvo wagon. At this point I am afraid of dealing with the Cross Country wagons because this wagon will be on the road with daughter traveling with me. After reading site and site of things about them I will pass. I have found a pretty clean 850 wagon. The best part …it is standard. No turbo and that is fine and low miles. I am thinking about making the run to get it. It has had its timing belt changed early on I believe to make sure if traveled safe. Its not due for another change for 25k miles. Did have new upper motor mounts and the normal stuff in it. Miles are sitting at less than 80k and for a 97 wagon I thought that was pretty low! Its been running Mobile one synthetic. I have a few questions about these models.
After doing a lot of reading this model seems to have the least problems?
Luggage racks above? Are those easy to intall ? I like the way they look! I might need them.
Non heated seats and no sunroof and thats is ok also but without the electric seats can you adjust the height of the drivers seat?
What other external things can be done to this wagon to make it a little better looking . My husband likes the MB better and I think its ugly and want the wagon so help me out here.
Oh yeah can I get a cool fat cowboy looking grillguard and nerf bars for this car? hehehe

MVS Forum Member chuckcintron says:

Less than 80K is great for that car, as long as you can validate the mileage as being honest (I like using CARFAX, to see if the progression of events/mileage makes sense — as well as other issues it may uncover).

I can’t comment too much on the add-ons or accessories, there are sure lot’s of nifty things to choose from. I’m assuming the car has the roof side rails; if so then the luggage racks are very easy to install. I had them on my 1997 wagon but took them off because I couldn’t stand the wind noise.

MVS Forum Member vince adds:

Hello all,

I would like to give a piece of valuable advice, if you’re buying a used car from a private party.

It makes me feel SOOOOO dumb whenever I think of this bad experience, in retrospect, and I hope that by saying this on this forum, someone will avoid making the same stooooooooopid mistake I did when buying my 1995 Turbo Wagon.

Don’t get me wrong: buying the 1995 Turbo Wagon WAS NOT a mistake. However, buying a car with stickers in the dashboard WAS.

When someone sticks an American flag sticker in their dashboard, it’s not because they’re patriotic – at least, that’s not the main reason. It’s rather to camouflage the warning lights that are coming off upon firing up the engine.

So when you get home with your newly purchased vehicle, all giddy, and undertake a grand clean up of Previous Owner’s mess… it’s not a funny sight when you see the Brake, Check Engine and ABS lights all ON!

😯 😯 😯 👿 👿

That was my two cents, and I’m posting this so that someone, somewhere, becomes healthily suspicious of stickers… I guess that, at age 30, I had seen many things as far as used cars are concerned; buying from used car dealerships may avoid such a stupid occurence, but who knows??? Like Avril Lavigne says… you live, you learn! 🙂

Volvo Wagon or Mercedes Wagon?

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