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Volvo Timing Belt Change Costs

volvo timing belt repair

What are the costs for changing your volvo timing belt?

The Volvo S60 timing belt has a mileage and time replacement interval. It’s important on low mileage vehicles that you follow the time interval as noted by Volvo.

It is often recommended that you replace items like the water pump, front engine seals, drive belt, idlers, and tensioners along with the timing belt.

MVS Forum Member shaker_chi asks:

I picked up a 1998 S70 T5 M in September of last year and it has about 134,000 miles on it. It was very well taken care of so I’m confident the timing belt was changed at 70,000 miles. I have changed the belt in my 94 850 n/a, but I’m busy at work and looking to have a shop do it for me. I spoke to an indy shop today and he quoted me $900!!!! Told me it was 5 hours in labor and it included the belt and tensioner. I called my local dealer and they won’t give me a price over the phone, they want me to speak to a service manager. Am I crazy or is that the norm for a timing belt change? I’m a weekend mechanic and it did NOT take me 5 hours when I did it. I was anticipating 2 hours of labor plus parts. I’m in Chicago so if anyone knows a good indy please let me know. Thanks!!!!

MVS Forum Member oragex replied:

$1000 for timing belt, pulleys, water pump (this one only original Volvo part, cheaper parts are know to fail), serpentine belt and it’s tensioner, that’s a reasonable price. I’d look for a good garage, as it’s quite a sensitive job on this particular car, timing marks are hard to see. Perhaps on you can find some Volvo specialists in your area with good reviews.

I guess at Volvo it would be around $1500

MVS Forum Member shaker_chi says:

Thanks for the responses. Looks like when I go the dealer tomorrow to speak to the service rep I’ll be heading to the parts department instead to pick up a belt and tensioner. My water pump on my 850 was still running fine at 200,000 miles when I replaced it, so I WILL never go with anything but O/E especially when it comes to the timing. Thanks for the info.

1998 S70 Dealer Charge for Timing Belt

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