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2001 V70 Power Seat Problem: Intermittent Power

V70 DRIVER POWER SEAT fixes can be done in your garage
Ein Volvo XC70 bzw. V70 XC – Modelljahr 2001
Credit: Cmdr tom at German Wikipedia(Original text: de:Benutzer:Cmdr tom) / Public domain

Have a problem with intermittent power to your V70 power seat?

Volvo forum member JRL had the same problem with an 01 T5M. In the end he replaced the seat module (cheap, used from Erie) and of all things the seat heater module. The seat heater worked but it’s part of the same circuit and was drawing current, so to be safe he replaced both. No software was needed on used parts and it was back to 100 percent after the module swap.

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I recently purchased a used V70 and am quite happy with the car so far. One odd quirk though is that the driver’s power seat only works for the first 30 seconds or so from when the driver’s door is opened. All functions work during this time period.

After this brief time period, the seat will not work at all unless I turn off the car and open/close the door. Is there a relay that controls the “ignition on” power to the seat vs the “door opened” power? I looked under the seat to try to figure it out and found a large amount of electrical components that I am not familiar with.

All fuses appear to be intact. I doubted it was a fuse problem since I do have power to the seat, unless Volvo oddly routed two separate power sources to the seat motors through two separate circuits.

Thank you for any help/advice. This is my first Volvo.

2001 V70 driver power seat problem with intermittent power

Forum member J5T also experienced this:

I have this problem also. I just stepped into the P2 Volvo world about 3 weeks back. When I open the door before I even put the key in the ignition I can power the driver seat in any direction. This last for about 20 to 30 secs or so and stops. I cannot move the seat for the rest of the time I am driving after this. Also, the bum warmer lites up but no fire to the seat. I am having a tough time on this one. FWIW, the passenger front seat moves all the time and has fire at anytime in the bum area.

Does anyone know if the auto dim mirror is tied into this in any way? Mind does not auto dim and I hear I cannot take it out because it runs the climate control and other systems. U$800 to replace so guess what the dealer is not doing to my new sled.

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