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V70 Power Seat Switch

How to fix your power seat switches on 1993-2000 Volvos… 850, S70, V70, C70 and XC70. This is a common problem with these Volvos.

MVS contributor songzunhuang posted this great DIY with photos on how he fixed his 1998 V70’s seat switches.

Power Seat Switch

So I have been dealing with a V70 Power Seat Switch stuck on the passenger side. The front part of the seat was stuck on the full high position. The motors seemed to be ok, and the seat was working in all other directions. So I figured that the power seat microswitch must be malfunctioning. Before buying a new switch, I thought I’d try to clean it out. It turns out it was pretty easy so I thought I’d share the process. All I had to do is spray the contact with a little electronics cleaner and it worked!

So the seat switch assembly is actually pretty easy to take off once you release the plastic zip ties holding it to the frame.

1) Look under the front edge of the seat and you’ll see the control wire fasten by a few zip ties. cut those and you’ll be able to release the whole assembly.

2) Lift the forward part of the seat up and then slide back to release.

Power Seat Switch

From the back side, you can see the circular areas that clip onto the seat and hold it all in place.

Power Seat Switch

From the picture above, you can see the location of the screws.

3) Remove the T25 screws and you can slide up the whole assembly.

4) You’ll have to cut two more zip ties before you lift the switch out of the housing. Remove the switch housing and you’ll see some philips head screws.

5) After you remove the philips heads screws you’ll see the micro switches.

6) I used a screw driver to pop up the switch case enough the spray the cleaner inside, operated the switch a few times and then the switch worked! Since all was well, I just put it all back together. I was surprised how easy this was to do.

98 V70 T5 Power Seat Switch is Malfunctioning

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