Wagon Wednesday: … a 740 Limousine Wagon

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What we have here, folks, is a rare Volvo 740 Limousine Wagon  . The owner, a Swede I think, has a Garagenet page for it. Apparently he has it repainted fairly often.


  • full leather in the middle Black half-leather front and rear
  • 960 dashboard
  • wood panels
  • Gray interior throughout the car except seats and door sides
  • 960 door sides front and rear


  • Alpine double din stereo
  • 2p spl d1 18″
  • 1 spl d8s 4pcs
  • 8″ front doors and
  • two pcs 1.75 “horndiskanter.
  • and car 6×9
  • 6th oerlikon 12 92ah batteries


  • 960 front
  • 965 bumper
  • 215/40/18 tires

What are your thoughts on the 740 Limousine Wagon ?

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