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Wagon Wednesday: a 740 Limousine Wagon

What we have here, folks, is a rare Volvo 740 Limousine Wagon. The owner, a Swede I think, has a Garagenet page for it. Apparently he has it repainted fairly often.


  • full leather in the middle Black half-leather front and rear
  • 960 dashboard
  • wood panels
  • Gray interior throughout the car except seats and door sides
  • 960 door sides front and rear


  • Alpine double din stereo
  • 2p spl d1 18″
  • 1 spl d8s 4pcs
  • 8″ front doors and
  • two pcs 1.75 “horndiskanter.
  • and car 6×9
  • 6th oerlikon 12 92ah batteries


  • 960 front
  • 965 bumper
  • 215/40/18 tires

What are your thoughts on the 740 Limousine Wagon ?

History Of The Volvo 740 Limouisine Wagon 1985 – 1992

The highly successful Volvo 760 GLE was developed and expanded to give birth to the Volvo 740 in 1984. This new Volvo model was a 4-cylinder alternative to the 760.

The estate car version of the 740 was introduced in 1985, and was a long-awaited expansion of the range.

The Volvo 740 estate car owed its immense success primarily to factors such as its sheer reliability and renowned safety levels. However, what probably made the Volvo 740 estate car one of the most sought-after cars in its segment was its unparalleled interior space and load capacity.

Over the years, the Volvo 740 was powered by a range of different engines, mostly 4-cylinder in-line units with or without turbochargers, and there were also 6-cylinder diesel variants.

The exterior underwent a minor facelift in autumn 1988 to carry the model into the 1989 model year.

From August 1990, the Volvo 740 was made in parallel with the 940 for two years, after which the latter took over completely from the 740.

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