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Was There a Stock Lowering Spring for Volvo 850s?

MVS member Martin has a question about his Euro-spec (being in Norway) 1994 Volvo 850… can he install stock lowering springs if he can find them?

He wants a lower ride height, but he’d like to stay original equipment (OE). Did Volvo make lower-height springs for some 850s? Were stock lowering springs a stock item? Maybe for the T-5R or R models… at least?

As per usual, the conversation wandered around a bit, and is fairly enlightening.

Anyway, here’s Martin’s question:

Hi everyone.

I cant find any info about this, so I’ll ask here:

I have a 94 850 SE 2.5 10V 144Bhp
The ride height is a bit high for my taste, and I know that some 850’s came with OEM lowered springs (about 15mm lower).
This was a costumer choice back in the days these cars were ordered new.

I have a ’92 GLT 20V 170 Bhp spare-parts-car, and I’m wondering if they are stiffer / lower than others.
If maybe all GLT’s came with stiffer / sport springs ?
I’ve already taken off the rear sway bar and mounted to my SE, and since the GLT has sway bar, does it then also have lower springs?

I’ve checked the product plate under the bonnet, but it doesn’t have any of the product codes. Only color code and interior…
Cant find any info on VIDA either.
I just don’t want to go through all the hassle of changing them, just to realize they are the same, or worse…higher.

And no, I don’t want adjustable suspension, and no, I don’t want it any lower than 15mm 😉

Clemens »

The only factory lowered option was to order a t5-r (95) or an R (96-97). They come lowered with just the right stance, soewhere innthe neighborhood of one inch lower than stock.
My 94 T5M wagon and my 95 NA sedan sit at exactly the same height.
Don´t forget that the T-5R and R wagons came with nivomats in the rear. The springs are cheap, the nivos – if still available – around a grand for 2 of them.

rspi »

The USA did not offer a different spring option.


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