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Buy an Volvo 850 or 940?

volvo 940 wagon

Need help deciding on a volvo 850 or 940? Read on!

Volvo makes great vehicles, whether you’re in the market for a Volvo 850 or 940 you really won’t be disapointed. Volvo Cars manufactures and markets sport utility vehicles, station wagons, sedans, compact executive sedans, and coupes. With approximately 2,300 local dealers from around 100 national sales companies worldwide, Volvo Cars’ largest markets are the United States, Sweden, China and Belgium. In 2011, Volvo Cars sold 449,255 cars globally, an increase of 20.3% compared to 2010

MVS Forum Member Italiano86 asks:

Hello everyone. I am currently driving a 91 240 with about 167k miles on it. It’s basically a car I borrow from my parents for driving to school and work and I am currently looking to buy my own Volvo sedan soon.

I am very conflicted about whether to consider a 940 or 850. The 940’s are obviously harder to find, especially the turbos in my area. I can do a search for 850’s and find nearly five times more cars than the 940’s.

While looking at both models my mom told me to steer clear of any 5 cylinder Volvo’s as they are more costly to repair and are more prone to issues than the 4 cylinders. Her personal Volvo mechanic also told her he personally hates them, which probably made her hate them too, so she’s just a little biased. 🙄 Something about an engine or sensor issue, can’t remember. She basically tells me to only look for a 940, which are hader to find, and stay away from the 850, even though I love the look of the 850 as opposed to the older looking 940. Is there any truth to these statements? I am seriously liking the 850 better than the 940 right now.

As far as turbos go, do they lower mpg at all compared to the regular models? I am mostly commuting to school about 60 miles there and back 5 days a week. I’m willing to spend around 4.5k on a decent low mileage car, something around 100k would be great.

Please let me know what you guys think about both models and if there is even any disadvantage of going with a 5 cylinder as opposed to a 4. Any other tips or information you guys could give me would be most appreciated.
I hope I posted this in the right section, I apologize if it’s not.
Last question. What’s a good recommendation year wise? 940: 91-96 and 850: 93-97?

I realize this is an 850 section, but I’m hoping that some of you have driven both models. Thanks

Buy an 850 or 940?

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Steve Dela Montagne says:

I just finished changing the Cam belt,water pump and Front Engine Seal on an – – 850 !!

Buy a 940/740 – – I am not sure whether the Volvo 850 Engineers were Terrified of a Ford Takeover when they designed the front end of this engine bay – – BUUUT its a shambles …Definitely Left handed son of Atlas territory

I had to manufacture three separate tools to do the jobs I needed to do – – and I used a 1.75 Meter long steel tube as a lever to get off the Pulley nut – – bent the Socket Bar !!

I loved working on the 940’s and 740’s – -always simple – -always plenty of room ( Except the Turbo manifold !! ).

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