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Where to Run Volvo Stereo Wires

volvo stereo wires

Lets learn about volvo stereo wires.

Connect your new radios power wires to the power and ground wires. These stereo wires are attached to the rectangular connector that was originally plugged into the Volvo radio. Connect you new radios speaker wires. These wires are the wires cut and extended up from the Volvo amplifier under the steering wheel.

MVS Forum Member Italiano86 asks:

Hey guys. I’m about to get a new stereo for my 91 240 and was wondering if any of you had any experience in this area, by doing it myself I will save over 175. It’s a pretty basic setup, I’m getting an apline 10′ sub with a built in 200 watt amp, a set of infinity 5.25′ speakers, and an alpine deck, as well as a new motorized antenna. How hard will it be to put in the new antenna? The old one broke off so it definitely needs to be replaced. I’m not sure how I’m going to route the sub to my deck, as there are no slots in the back seat, so how do I go about getting the rear seat out? As for the deck, it looks like the previous owner just took the stereo wires and spliced them to the deck, so I’m not sure if I just match them up or what. Any help you guys could give me would be awesome, as I’m sort of tight on cash for an install. Thanks

MVS Forum Member markvt replied:

On getting stereo wires from the trunk…I would suggest following the present antenna wire which goes from the trunk to the dash. Also, if you have a standard antenna, you should be able to just replace the mast rather than the whole mechanism.
When I got into removing my factory radio and amp I found a ton of stereo wires. I threw out all of the old system and started over. I had factory wiring diagrams, but still found it confusing. IF you think it would help you, I could fax the diagram for my present system which is a simple radio with a built in amp. It sounds like for your plan you could leave the Volvo amp in place which might save you from having to tear out the lower part of the dash.

MVS Forum Member Italiano86 added:

The car already has it’s own amp? I looked at the stereo wires which go form the antenna to the deck, and it looks like they are going through the body of the car, I honestly don’t know how to route them through there. Do you have any instructions for it at all? I’m also going to route new wire from the deck to the front door speakers, as the stock stuff is messed up. The deck in there right now is not stock, so I don’t know what else the previous owner had changed. Thanks for your help bro, I don’t have a fax but that would be great if you could email it to me.

Where to Run Stereo Wires

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