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Volvo CD player slow ejection of disc.

volvo cd player

Diagnose your volvo cd player issues.

Using your Volvo cd player.

  • Start the Volvo CD player by pressing the MODE but-ton and inserting a disc in the slot.
  • If there is already a disc inserted, it will begin to play.
  • If a CD is in the slot when the audio systemis in CD mode, the CD will be played auto-matically.
  • To eject the CD, press the eject button.
  • When the audio system volume is turned off completely, the CD player will pause and will resume playing when the volume is turned up again.

MVS Forum Member stone36 says:

After some insight from Matt (thanks) I pulled apart my SC-816 to see if I could clean the roller that ejects the CD, my symtom was that while the CD would always eject, it would ejects slowly or “stutter” so here’s what I did:

Start by removing the 4 screws on top market with the white arrows, then pull the top off, if you need some leverage pry against the black arrow.

Then remove the next 4 screws marked with the arrows to release the cd mehanism. A magnetic head screwdriver is GREAT in this step.

You will have about 6 inches of play from the cable that connects to the Volvo CD player. Below is the best picture I could get of the roller, though it will become easily apparent when you do it what you are looking at.

MVS Forum Member ColonelCash writes:

Just curious if this same procedure could be used to repair my Volvo CD player. I’ve got the stock CD / Tape player in a ’99 S70 T5 (115K miles). The problem is that my Volvo CD player will never play a CD, it just spits it out automatically. I’ve read in this forum that my head unit is stuck in “reject mode” and I cannot find that post to save my life. Is there any way to reverse the reject mode setting? I’ve got the radio code, so I don’t mind trying stuff.

Any help is appreciated.

MVS Forum Member 84 Blue 240 asks:

Anyone have any more info on that “CD Reject Mode?” I am having the same difficulty on my S90 Volvo cd player. I did the microswitch thing and wiped off the laser with a Q tip, but still am having the issue. If the disc is already in the player, sometimes it flashes code “EE” and then I have to eject. However, most of the time, it takes the disc in and spins it up for about 5 seconds then spits it out. I even tried resetting it overnight to no avail.

A friend of mine will sell me one for a good price, but I don’t want to buy unnecessarily if I don’t have to. Thanks for any help you can provide. This appears to be a great site!

CD player slow ejection of disc.

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