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How To Fix a Volvo Stuck Horn

volvo stuck horn

Make it stop! How to fix a volvo’s stuck horn.

Few things can compare to having a stuck horn on your volvo. MVS forum member volvonassal knows this first hand and has taken the time to share his experience with you so you don’t have to suffer as long as he did. Volvonassal says: For anyone who has had their horn NOT shut off!! I have a 1994 850 and the wife one day pumped her horn, but it wouldn’t shut off. She pulled into the driveway and I simply disconnected the electricity from the horns themselves until I can investigate. The bottom line was that the horn contacts in the steering wheel are held in place by plastic! It fatigues over time, and the horn contacts then touch the horn bracket, and voila, a closed circuit and so the horn blows continuously.

After getting a quote of US$380 for a steering wheel, I figured there’s got to be a better way. So, I took some Household Goop, a $5 tube from Home Depot, and glued the plastic horn contact holders onto the underside of the horn bracket. Then, I took some O-rings that I bought from Pep Boys for $3, and placed one on top of each horn contact. Has worked wonderfully well now for over 8 weeks. Not a long trial, but assuredly those horn contacts are steadfastly in place. The job is very easy once you actually see the horn assembly.

Make sure you are comfortable & careful with removing the air bag, and know how to reset the SRS service light. It’s easy with the Haynes manual, which I would recommend. However, the Haynes manual, as anyone who has used it before will testify, has its own problems. Anyway, I can give more details to anyone who wants to know.

How To Fix a Stuck Horn

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i had the same problem and i ended up just removing the horn it was the only way to get it to turn off!

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