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XC60 – Buy Extended Warranty?


MVS Volvo Forums member chapel is thinking about buying a 100k mile XC60 and putting a $3k extended warranty on it. Smart?

Wife and I are thinking of getting a 2010 T6 R-design
It’s just about to pass 100k miles and we’re looking at possibly getting an aftermarket warranty

So for a 5 year plan from Endurance, 5 years/100k Extra Supreme Plan… it covers

  • Powertrain – engine, trans, axle, 4WD, HVAC, Electrical, PW, Cooling, Fuel.
  • NO SUSPENSION, BRAKES, ECU, O2 SENSORS. Also doesn’t cover “Technology” like Navigation, radio, backup cameras, etc…
  • $100 ded – $3370 up front ($183 down, $145/mo for 24 months)
  • $200 ded – $3202 up front. (no brainer between the $100 and $200 deductible there)
  • No lock in
  • Cash out or transfer to another vehicle or to new owner
  • Prorated refund.
  • Roadside assistance
  • Covers a rental up to 5 days
  • 5 years, 100k miles, that’s a pretty long coverage plan

Apparently if I take delivery before 100k, I qualify for a better, but shorter plan that covers things like suspension, brakes, ECU, O2 sensors, but no technology.

The cost goes up considerably. $4878 for a $100 deductible, $4471 for a $200 deductible.

But rather than shell out $3370 on top of the $16,000 I’m dropping on the car itself… I wanted to see if this is a good idea or not? Seems like these are pretty reliable cars overall from what I’ve been reading.

XC60 T6 – 100k+ mile reliability?

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kosterholm says:

read very carefully what the warranty does cover, each and every item; since it doesn’t cover technology, check what the radio or entertainment center costs; that’s high dollar.

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